Services Offered

Carpentry Contracting


The Clark Brothers team started as carpentry contractors, something that goes several generations deep. Today we offer a full line of quality and efficient, in-house, carpentry contracting services, including, but not limited to:

  • Structural wood framing
  • Structural steel framing
  • Non-structural framing
  • Temporary tenting
  • Temporary wood and steel construction
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Hardware installations

Tenant Build-Out Services


Tenant build-out construction typically requires working with a landlord and tenant to modify an existing space to accommodate a new or expanding tenant. Most tenant build out projects tend to be fairly simple in construction, but can cause stressful situations with adjacent tenants, landlords, and lessee’s due to lack of communication and failure to prepare others for coming changes.

Clark Brothers excels in communicating with tenants, landlords and lessee’s. We can help with turn-key solutions, tenant improvement allowances, and value engineering.

We Can Assist With:

  • Dust Pollution Control
  • Noise Reduction
  • Debris Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety Plans
  • Communication Plans
  • Shop Drawings and Submittals
  • Accelerated Schedules
  • After-hours Working Schedules

Residential New Construction


Most folks only build a new home once or twice in their lives, very few know where to start and what questions to ask; here at Clark Brothers Construction, we understand that and we try to eliminate the anxiety of the unknown. Our first meeting is always a consultation, no high pressure sales and no obligations; just an informative meeting of goals, designs, restrictions and budgets.

We like to develop an initial relationship with folks before we sign a contract to move forward on a project that ties us together for months, the design stage is crucial for this concept along with developing trust between the builder and the owners. Clark Brothers offers an in-house design service for all new homes. After a design is finalized and within budget, we issue a long form contract at the start of the permitting process.

We are not an organization that exists based on cheap labor and questionable sub- contractors. Many folks that are employed here, have been here for years. Many of our sub-contractors work for us over and over again. We don’t come in with low prices and then sell you an abundance of extras at absurd prices. We believe in an honest price for an honest job.

Agricultural Construction


Clark Brothers offers Design-Build and General Contracting services for all types of agricultural construction. We offer quality products and efficient turn around times on:

  • Post and Beam wood construction
  • Pre-fabricated steel buildings
  • Storage facilities
  • Livestock buildings

General Contracting


General Contracting is one of the most widely used, and sometimes, erroneously represented construction terms. General Contracting represents the age old process of “design, bid, construct”. When selecting a general contractor, owners and architects typically solicit completed plans to different contractors for low bidding.

For the owner, traditional “design-bid-build” services, do offer a sense of checks and balances between the design team and the general contractor. General Contracting also provides the most security to the owner when considering a hard bid number for the plans provided.

Based on best value, Clark Brothers has been awarded an abundance of General Contracting positions. Throughout the process, value engineering could be limited and drastic schedule advancement could be a challenge; however, we do recommend General Contracting on simple projects with clear pre-construction planning in place. We like to stress to all owners and architects that lowest bid price should not be confused with the best value.

Design / Build Services


Design and build style construction has had a growth in popularity over traditional design-bid-build services in recent years. Primarily, the owner gains simplicity by hiring one firm to complete all aspects of the design and construction process. This eliminates the owners need for mediation between the general contractor and the designer; no matter what the circumstance, responsibility falls solely on the design-build firm.

The design-build approach is strongly recommend when tight deadlines are present. Owners still reserve the right to reject designs, however, the design-build firm can utilize design practices, consultants and materials that they are familiar with and readily available. This process, along with only having one approval process with the owner, can tremendously increase the speed of production.

Value engineering is another strong trait in the design-build method. During the traditional “design-bid-construction” process, qualified bidding general contractors are reluctant to release their cost saving ideas and construction improvements. Why? Not always, but sometimes as owners and architects review bid prices, these ideas can be shared with inexperienced and under qualified low bidders. Furthermore, through-out the process the team is focused on sustainability, value, and performance rather than just design minimums.

Rarely, but at times, budgets can be a concern for an owner when contracting with a design-build firm. It is most likely that in the very initial and pre-planning stages, a reasonable budget is agreed upon by the owner and design-build firm. As the design and thorough analysis are nearing completion, “not to exceed numbers” for construction are most typically utilized.

Clark Brothers has a positive outlook on the design-build approach. We believe that it works well for owners and allows us to work with reputable organizations that we have previously developed relationships with. Experience dictates that a design build project is economically friendly for all parties involved and construction quality is presumably better. Please contact us for design and build opportunities.