Who We Are


The success behind Clark Brothers Construction does not come from anything different than most other success stories. A business that not only has been built, but is growing based on craftsmanship, integrity, and generations of hardworking, callused hands. As third generation tradesmen, building is a way of life for the Clark Brothers, not just a profession, but a livelihood.

The Creed


We are knowledgeable and experienced; We are a team; We appreciate education and we are ready to learn; We are the best we can be; We do not accept defeat; We are professional and courteous; We are ethical and honest; We do not fear challenges; We are innovative; We set standards; We do not leave loose ends; We exceed expectations; We are high performance; We are CLARK BROTHERS BUILDING CONTRACTORS.

The Team


Benjamin Clark
Caleb Clark
Site Supervisor
Luke Clark
Site Supervisor

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